A summer of discovery

Give your child a wealth of experiences from across the globe this summer with Lyfta’s inspiring real-life stories.

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Adored by over 100,000 children

Lyfta holiday club offers 8 exciting quests, ideal for children aged 8 - 12 years. Each brings to life a real human story through interactive 360 degree spaces and soundscapes, rich media content and powerful short films.

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Produced by an Oscar-winning team

Our team of award-winning filmmakers, educators, designers and technologists have crafted fun and engaging virtual experiences that broaden children’s horizons and help them understand the world.

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Easy to access

All your child needs to access a Lyfta Quest is a computer or iPad and an internet connection. In the parent portal you can easily follow your child’s progress through the quests.

Keep them curious this summer

Lyfta’s storyworlds are beautifully crafted, 360 degree interactive real-life spaces, boasting cinematic short documentaries and engaging rich media articles, that children love to explore independently.

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Ready for a summer of discovery?

This summer your child can explore the UK, Peru, Norway, Spain, Philippines, Tanzania, Turkey and Belgium through a series of interactive quests using the storyworlds. In each of these quests your child will get a peek into the lives of people from all around the world, explore how they live and hear their personal stories. At the end of the experience, our extension activities inspire children to get creative.

Some of the quests in our summer package include:

Ocean Plastics Quest - UK

Travel to the beach in Cornwall in England to meet Rob, who is an artist reusing plastic ocean waste.

Team Sport Quest - Norway

Meet Anna from Ålesund in Norway, who is the captain of the football team. See what it takes to win, and to lose.

Rainforest Quest - Peru

Experience the sights and sounds of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. Meet Flora and William from an indiginous tribe who live there and see how they harvest food sustainably from the land.

Volcano Quest - Spain

Get up close to a volcano in La Palma, Canary Islands. Experience the sights and sounds of the volcanic eruption and find out what it’s like to be a scientist working to protect people.

A trusted educational platform chosen by thousands of teachers

Lyfta is a much valued, award-winning classroom resource used by thousands of primary and secondary school teachers in the UK and around the world to teach a range of curriculum subjects, including literacy, geography and PSHE and vitally important competencies, values, and social emotional skills.

We are now delighted to offer access to enable independent learning at home with minimal input from parents or carers.

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Children and parents love Lyfta!

"It’s really enlightening because you go away knowing something that you never knew before. It really makes you think about the benefits we have as a society and what we could improve because we kind of live in our own little bubble here. And it’s really refreshing to see other people’s perspectives."

Ummamah, 14

"When I started Lyfta I got to go into different peoples lives and then I started interacting more with more people and it really helped me get my social skills to a really good standard."

Yahya, 11

"I can't wait to explore more of the platform. I want to share the Lyfta quests with friends and family as soon as possible!"

Alice, 11


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